Kraken Technology Group’s K4 Manta was on display with BlueHalo markings, following a recent announcement of a new partnership between the two companies. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

SOF WEEK 2024 — Special operators may be a relatively small community in the world of military affairs, but there was no shortage of attendees at this year’s SOF Week conference in Tampa. According to the conference’s organizers, over 15,000 people hailing from more than 60 nations were expected at the conference, with thousands packing the streets to see the event’s annual capabilities demonstration on the water just outside of the Tampa Convention Center.

Amid a rise of global tensions and increasing demand for special operators that US Special Operations Command boss Gen. Bryan Fenton described as a “renaissance,” there was a plethora of equipment on display by vendors this week. Below are just a few photos of what the show looked like on the ground.

Polaris debuted a new concept demonstrator of its tactical MRZR Alpha vehicle, which is aimed at missions like precision fires and logistics. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

Hascall-Denke’s equipment-carrying display dog may not have been real, but he was still a good boy. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Air Force Gen. CQ Brown during a keynote address on Thursday. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

Attendees mill about Thursday morning before addresses from top officials delivered at the JW Marriott in downtown Tampa. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

Special operators during the conference’s marquee event, a capability demonstration held on the water just outside the convention center. This year’s featured drone swarms, F-35 flyovers, Black Hawk and Little Bird helos and fast attack boats. The organizers stressed the demonstration did not use actual special ops techniques, since that would be silly to allow the public to catch on camera. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

Israel Aerospace Industries’s booth included multiple uncrewed systems. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

L3Harris displayed multiple communications devices, which are critical for special operators constantly on the move who need to closely coordinate their missions. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

Stidd sought to make waves with this submersible boat that operators can use to more quickly swim to their target. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)

BlueSky innovations had a host of communications equipment on display. (Michael Marrow/Breaking Defense)