Rudder was a very good boy while touring the Sea Air Space show floor. Yes he was. (Aaron Mehta/Breaking Defense)

SEA AIR SPACE 2024 — Day three of the annual Navy League Sea Air Space conference is in the books. There was plenty to see on and around the show floor, even putting aside Monday’s eclipse. Here’s one last look at the conference in a series of photos.

The Forcys Defender is a deep sea submersible meant to snuff out underwater explosives from a distance. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


The Australian pavilion at Sea Air Space 2024 was a popular location for visitors, with the AUKUS agreement being a major part of this year’s conversation. (Aaron Mehta/Breaking Defense)


At the BlueHalo booth their CUAS offering touts advanced tracking that can operate in any sky condition, longer range, and a more powerful “High Energy Laser.” (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


Raytheon’s missile offerings could be seen from across the show floor. Up close, it was hard to take in the enormity. Raytheon says these missiles, both. long and short range, will prove critical to any INDO-PACIFIC conflict. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


Lockheed offered an interesting look at the internals of their PAC-3 Missile. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


TenCate is the new manufacture of the Navy’s two piece suit pictured here. The “Defender M” fabric technology is inherently flame resistant according to the company and could prove crucial during deck fires. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


D-Fend Solutions and SAIC were showing off a mobile CUAS solution that allows modular configurability to tailor for mission specific goals. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)