Sea Air Space 2024 kicks off on April 8, 2024. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

SEA AIR SPACE 2024 — Today military and industry heavy hitters from three major defense domains gathered in National Harbor, Maryland, for the Navy League’s annual Sea Air Space conference.

Breaking Defense has a team on the ground, reporting on all the Day 1 news from what the Chief of Naval Operations said was her “primary focus area” (munitions) to where the chief of a key shipbuilder sees his company heading (more tech).

But while all that was going on, contractors were showcasing their wares and attendees were checking out the latest. Below are a few snapshots from Sea Air Space Day 1.

What the company calls a first of its kind fully solar unmanned submarine, Ocean Aeros “Triton” looks to allow longer duration surveys and other deep sea mission objectives. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

Lincoln electrics Cooper Cobot is meant to increase welding efficiency and accuracy, acting as a productivity enhancing collaborator for its human counterparts. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

ELESIA’s Single Operator MFC12 Console resists shock and vibrations on navy operations by “floating” within various shock absorbers. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)


A cartoonist at the Carahsoft Booth was drawing caricatures of various attendees throughout the show. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

The Arete PILLS is a “streak tube imaging lidar” is an aerial lidar system with high resolution cameras and a AIRTRAC laser enhancing pulse rate frequency. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

ANDURIL’s Roadrunner-M missile interceptor is “built for ground-based air defense that can rapidly launch, identify, intercept, and destroy” various aerial threats. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)

Attendees taking a break from the showroom floor to witness the solar eclipse Monday. (Brendon Smith / Breaking Defense)