(Image courtesy of Israel Aerospace Industries.)

Last year, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) unveiled the ROC-X, a hand-launched VTOL (Vertical take-off & landing) precision strike missile with hovering capabilities.

The ROC-X meets the requirements for Organic Precision Strike Capabilities, used by the frontline combatant force and unit, meeting their fundamental needs.

Operational Capabilities – ROC-X weighs about 16 lbs and is about 3 ft long. The missile can fly at altitudes above 1,500 ft, at a maximum speed of 178 mph (288 kph) and can hover or loiter in the air while the target’s nature and exact position is confirmed prior to attack. Thanks to IAI’s advanced manufacturing technologies, the missile can carry electro-optical systems to validate and collect surveillance information in real time and is equipped with an advanced warhead to neutralize the target.

Quick Response – The ROC-X’s ability to hover is used for observation above the battlefield to acquire a target for immediate attack. The fact that the ROC-X reaches a speed of about 180 mph was a fundamental design choice to bring a solution that is quick to operate and quick to use.

Independence in Operation – Ground Forces and Special Operations Elements must be independent, lethal and surprising without exposing themselves to the enemy or relying heavily on inorganic fire support. Having an organic lethal weapon that is easy to carry and simple to operate is critical for today’s multi-dimensional environments. A team of 4 troops can carry 4 bags with 6 ROC-X missiles, and be ready to operate them within 2-4 minutes.

Recoverable – Tailored to the customer’s requirement, the ROC-X can feature a “Recoverable” capability. Adapting to the changing Asymmetric Battlefield, the soldier can decide to return the ROC-X back “Home” directly to his hand (“Homing” ability), for deployment at a more opportune moment.

Hand-held launch – Thanks to its Hand-Launch ability, the ROC-X can be simply deployed and used in any scenario in urban environments, against both moving and stationary targets, which can be personnel, light unarmored vehicles or enemy posts.

Lethality – Thanks to IAI’s advanced manufacturing technologies, the ROC-X is equipped with an advanced warhead to neutralize the targets.

Bolstering the USSOF Organic Precision Strike Capabilities
IAI, as prime contractor, has been competitively awarded a multi-million-dollar contract by the Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD) of the US Department of Defense (DoD) to rapidly develop and deliver ROC-X to meet the specific US DoD requirements, for the purpose of increasing the organic precision strike lethality and survivability of small tactical teams.

IAI has been teaming up with several U.S. companies to introduce this decisive capability to the US market as quickly as possible. Cooperation agreements implemented under the localization strategy embraced by IAI include various levels of technology transfer, production, training, and support, enabling customers to adapt and integrate the new systems with their military formations efficiently.