Erik Raven will soon step down as Under Secretary of the Navy. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Christian J. Varney)

WASHINGTON — Navy Undersecretary Erik Raven will leave his position as the service’s No. 2 civilian in August, according to a statement from Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro.

“Erik Raven has been a true leader in executing the Department of the Navy’s top priorities,” Del Toro said in the statement. “He has demonstrated unfailing commitment to protecting our nation, strengthening our Navy and Marine Corps team, and building enduring warfighting advantages. His expertise ensured our naval forces are equipped with the capabilities to deter and, if necessary, prevail decisively in time of war, while also ensuring the welfare of our service members, civilians, and their families.”

Del Toro credited Raven with contributions to the trilateral security pact AUKUS, improving Guam’s infrastructure to support defense operations in the Indo-Pacific and optimizing the Navy’s business operations.

The statement did not provide any reason for why Raven had decided to leave his job.

Pentagon policy traditionally dictates that when someone like Raven leaves his job without a confirmed successor waiting, the post is filled in an acting capacity by another civilian until a new nominee is confirmed by the Senate. Given the election year and the overall slow pace the Senate has had in filling billets at the Pentagon, it’s unlikely a new undersecretary will be confirmed before the November election is decided.

Breaking Defense has reached out to the Navy for comment about who will become the acting undersecretary in August.