BAE Systems’ LR-PGK technology boasts an innovative guidance system with integrated, enhanced GPS-based navigation. (image courtesy of BAE Systems)

The reality of the modern battlefield is that potential adversaries have the capability to challenge U.S. forces across all domains, including the electromagnetic spectrum. Electronic Warfare (EW) capabilities are a persistent threat to the effectiveness of military operations. Our adversaries continue to develop and field advanced EW systems as well as implement new tactics, techniques, and procedures designed to reduce the effectiveness of joint fires capabilities.

At BAE Systems, one of the ways that we have anticipated and addressed this challenge is by incorporating robust Anti-Jam (AJ) capabilities into the development of our Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK) technology. LR-PGK is designed to meet current and anticipated EW threats to ensure that joint fires remain effective on the modern battlefield. LR-PGK builds upon BAE Systems’ extensive experience building and delivering, for example, the cost-effective APKWS® laser-guidance kit. Our high maneuverability solution, coupled with GPS anti-jam capability, enables higher accuracy over a longer range than standard artillery shells. This reduces the quantity of rounds and the cost needed to defeat a threat.

BAE Systems’ superior anti-jam technology uses advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques that rapidly detect and mitigate adversary EW attempts to disrupt battlefield operations. This ensures that our indirect joint fires assets (cannon and rocket) remain accurate and reliable even in the most challenging electronic warfare environments.

Our LR-PGK technology also boasts an innovative guidance system, building on proven, mature technology to improve the accuracy of 155mm projectiles. LR-PGK combines enhanced GPS-based navigation with an innovative, roll-stabilized guidance unit and antenna array. This integrated technology, paired with a proven, variable-deflection canard control method, allows for advanced in-flight correction capabilities.

LR-PGK is designed to mitigate the dispersion associated with traditional cannon artillery, and provides the warfighter with a cost-effective, all-weather, 24/7 precision strike alternative to Excalibur. LR-PGK incorporates enough design margin and modularity to match cannon modernization strategies for increased range and lethality goals. Increasing accuracy of standard 155mm ammunition reduces collateral damage and allows cannoneers and sustainers to use less ammunition to accomplish the mission.

BAE Systems has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge solutions for the toughest battlefield challenges. LR-PGK incorporates decades of real-world experience in precision engagement that will allow us to innovate to meet the needs of modern military operations into the foreseeable future.